Administrative procedures


Administrative procedures


Nothing is more tedious than having to go through all the required procedures to get settled. In Switzerland, maybe more so than in other countries, the requirements and forms that need to be completed are often complex because they can differ from one village or canton to the next!

We are here to handle these various hurdles.

Additionally, we can direct you towards companies who can help you in various fields in order to:

· Prepare the forms you need to settle into a village or town

· Help you to settle into your new home: organise the billing and linking up with the electricity, water and heating boards

· Fix a telephone landline, mobile, internet, TV or cable connection

· Set up insurance for your home, belongings, car, etc.

· Organise cleaning, security or caretaking services

· Maintain your garden, swimming pool, etc.

Charge: CHF 90.- per hour